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Full Moon meditation
Vedic Yoga team

we are happy to invite you for a free full moon meditation practice on the 5th of June 2020 at 6:30 PM Central European time.

Full Moon Magic

Everything in life works in rhythms and polarities. Our heartbeat, our breath, every day is full cycle of activating and relaxing energies, male and female energies. The moon cycle impacts strongly on the whole planet. The oceans, plants, all animals and also our inner workings are influenced by that energy. So, the moon energy also affects our emotions, our health, our own polarity. The moon represents the passive, calming energy. Recreation and rejuvenation, nurturing and healing. 

Meditation and the full moon

All pagan traditions knew about the power and the influence of the full moon on or mental states. During that auspicious time all spiritual practices are more intense. States of inner peace and true wisdom are much easier to attain. The moon energy activates the passive and nurturing aspects of our selves, the inspirational, creative powers inside us. Healing and intuition are accelerated and the right hemisphere of the brain becomes more active, leading us towards meditation. In yogic tradition, full moon meditation is special, fuelling your spiritual growth. Meditation with the full moon is said to be 100 times stronger than regular practice.

What do you need?

  • Quiet place, nor disturbances
  • Firm-ground
  • An empty belly and bladder
  • Support to sit on

To established the right sitting posture read our article.

How to join the practice?

To join, please follow the invitation link:

Meeting-ID: 776 3725 0225

Password: 6Et9Z6

Let´s use this divine time to dwell deep within and create a field of light together. Let´s share our good energy with the whole world and every being on this beautiful planet.

Please come to the zoom meeting for the guided online group meditation. Let’s take the sacred light into our beings.

Contact us – Email address:


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