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How to release emotional pain with hatha yoga?
Vedic Yoga team

How Hatha Yoga and emotional pain go together. It helps much more than the physical benefits which people are seeking out of it. In this blog, we will learn of the impact of Hatha yoga beyond the physical.

There are people who think that Yoga asanas are only physical exercises. Yet they miss out on realizing many benefits while performing the same.

Once the awareness is raised about Hatha Yoga’s overall benefits, you will experience that Hatha Yoga helps in connecting you with your own feelings. Furthermore, it helps release emotional pain from your body.

Yoga and emotional pain

The mind is a warehouse of emotions and it keeps on storing them. When you move with mindfulness with sync between body and breath, you become aware of different emotions that were subconsciously stored in various parts of your body.

Think of your body as a sponge where since your first breath till today, all the experiences are getting stored. What you are now, is a culmination of all those experiences.

These feelings were stored way back in your life, due to some incidence, some trauma. First, you may think that you may not have any relation with them but they occasionally pop up.

Many times you suddenly start to feel angry or gloomy without any apparent reason and find yourself having emotional pain.

What has happened is that unconsciously these old stored memories have created emotional blockages and knots which either left you deprived of experiencing certain emotions or manifested in physical or mental pains giving us some of our unpleasant personalities in certain situations.

Why do we suffer?

The mind is the most powerful organ in our body. From the day you are born, the mind is collecting all information and is processing it, which is, in turn, shaping you, for the person you are as of now.

A group of yogis waling in nature with their yoga mat
Yoga students walking back to school after the morning walk.

This is known as conditioning which gives you the perspective of right and wrong. The same perspective sometimes brings in unnecessary suffering in your relationships.

How does Hatha Yoga help in Relationships?

Here Hatha Yoga comes into the picture. Hatha Yoga helps in relationships because it lets you drop all those conditions and preconceived notions. When your mind is free, it accepts people who they are.

The above state of mind is very important for relationships. Take, for example, husband and wife – both have a different biography and impression towards life, depending upon their cultural/family background and upbringing coupled with different personal experiences which formed their sense of perspective.

If you are married, then you can relate to this – every situation might have them act differently. The same color can invoke different perspectives in them. The problem comes in when you want to alter another person’s perspective according to your perspectives.

You have a tendency to want to change other people’s way of thinking, most of the time out of the good intention to help. However, it is common to note that the result from the very efforts to change others becomes an ongoing struggle that seems to never end, leaving you wondering why people do not understand you. The negative emotion is strong and more often than not leads to pain and disappointment and sometimes even breaks the relationship.

Learn to accept others as they are

Hatha Yoga helps in Relationships by making you have peace with yourself. Once you attain that state of mind, you understand the issue in each conflict clearly and understand your loved ones’ plight in it. This is a positive emotion, also known as empathy.

When you are at peace with yourself, you are automatically at peace with the people around you. Live with others become harmonious again as there is no right or wrong view. Such a state of mind does not happen without some effort.  You need to work on yourself (mentally and emotionally) constantly.

Perspectives are multifaceted and cannot be pigeonholed into right or wrong, up or down, better or worse. Hatha yoga helps in relationships by making you aware of this very truth about perspectives.  

This is how Hatha Yoga and emotional pain goes together:

  1. It let you get in touch with all the intense feelings as they emerge while doing Yoga
  2. It helps you let go of them, once you are aware of their existence in your conscience

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