holistic experience

Ayurvedic Massages

experience the tradational body rejuvenation and relaxation

In traditional Ayurvedic texts, the benefits of massages are mentioned: “It is nourishing; pacifies the doshas; relieves fatigue; provides stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep; enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin; promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body.” Attaining an overall balance in the body and the mind is the goal of Ayurvediv treatments as a healthy person is per definition free from illness and happy. Removing toxins and tensions are the first steps.

During the Teacher Trainings, you will have the opportunity to experience the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda by receiving relaxing and rejuvenating massages facilitated by professional and experienced therapists at nearby Ayurvedic centers. Each massage is tailored to one’s specific dosha or constitution to ensure a personalized healing experience through organic oil blends and techniques. This type of detoxification removes accumulated stress and toxins from the mind and body and uplift your spirit to focus on the inner peace.

Traditional Cooking Class

Food is an integral part of a holistic yogic lifestyle

Ayurvedic cooking is not about what, but how. At our Training ceneter of Vedic Yoga Academy Ayurvedic cooking classes can be arranged on your free time. There you learn how to cook traditional dishes and the intricate nutritional balance by using fresh products and local ingredients under the guidance of experienced cooks.

Food is an integral part of a holistic yogic lifestyle and by understanding how to use food, not only for nourishing but also as a preventative care against disease and illness, is vital for a sustainable life.
Here, you will learn how to prepare yogic food for optimal digestion and absorption depending on the specific needs. You will experience the true taste of organic natural food. The prana that will be taken into your body will refresh your energy. A healthy and balanced diet promotes optimal health and well-being & is a wonderful accompaniment to your daily Yoga practice.

Once the food is cooked the students enjoy the meal together, celebrating the essence of life by enjoying the delicious and nutritious food.

Local Excursions

embrace the harmony and solace of nepali nature and cultural sites

In your Yoga trainings with Vedic Yoga Academy, you can to get a taste of local life to understand the history and culture and to dive deeper into your holistic experience of learning and growing. Getting connected with your surroundings will enrich your stay and open your mind towards your transformative path. Here is a glimpse of activities dependent on the time of the year and your location:

Fewa Tal:
See yourself sitting next to the second largest lake in Nepal, with a densely forested shore filled with birdlife. With a clear sky the lake becomes a perfect mirror, beautifully reflecting the mountains.

World Peace Pagoda:
Situated on top of a large hill above Fewa Lake, this famous temple built by Buddhist monks from the Japanese NipponzanMyohoji is filled with positive energy. You can enjoy the view from that peacful and quiet place over the lake and see the Annpurna Mountains clearly from there.

Go for boating in Fewa Tal and visit the traditional Barahi Temple situated in the middle of the lake. The boating trip alone is an experience offering the sights of the mountain ranges. Clear your mind for deep meditation as you are surrounded by the majestic mountains wrapped into the stillness of the lake.

There are several temples in the surrounding areas, devoted to different deities, frequented by both Hindu and Buddhist devotees alike. Sit down for meditation and get your blessings in a spiritually enriched environment; listening to the chants of monks

Visit Shiva-Shakti or local deities’ temples that are located near the Yoga training centre.

Witness Sunset fire ceremonies conducted by priests at the river edge in both Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Ganga bank:
Soak in the sun while it is rising/ setting on the banks of Ganga and share the space with people who accumulate there to gain on spiritual energy.

Mantra Chanting

sacred sounds that penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind

During your training at Vedic Yoga Academy you will learn the most auspicious and healing Mantras from the Vedic culture. You get to know how to pronounce the Sanskrit words in the right manner and understand the deep meaning and related effects of those holy chants on the body and mind. The vibrations  rearrange your molecular structure, creating a balanced body and mind connection. Even at the smallest particles of the body are effected.

Mantras, repetitive sounds that penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind, adjust the vibration of all aspects of your being. The benefit of rising consciousness can be felt by audible chanting alone, in a group, or simply by listening and absorbing the vibrations. The act of your tongue pressing against the palate of the mouth stimulates the hypothalamus, thalamus, and the pituitary gland, governing the endocrine system and the chemical releases of the body, balancing the body and causing healing on a deep level. 


Organic farming

nuture your body with healthy products from local organic farms

In the retreat center of Vedic Yoga Academy you will be served organic food produced by the local farmers. They work in the traditonal and natural manner which is reflected in their products.  You can taste the love and the care they put into their work and feel the healing effect on your body as you take in pure enrgy with the food. Have your mind and your body refreshed and nurtured completely.

Poeple work in sync with mother nature and with deep respect for the animals helping them in their daily labour. The food is produced in harmony with the seasons so the soil will never get exploited or exhauseted. You can see the sustainability by watching them work. You will have seasonal products fresh from the local frams or from the private garden of the beautiful family who will be your host throughout your education. This completes your experience and is a model of appreciation towards nature.

Vedic rituals


In the Vedic age a science to communicate with the spiritual realm was developed through wisdom and insight. The element of transformation, fire, is found in many of them. At the training with Vedic Yoga Academy you will learn the meaning and how to perform fire Rituals to clean the energy and worship Mother Nature. Feel spiritual cleaning and get rejuvenated and elevated by the offerings we perform with herbs and Ghee.

In the advanced trainings you will learn about the sacred ritual of Angihotra and feel the cleaning power of the fire ceremony.


Experience to fly high and ennjoy stunnig views on the mountains

Nepal is known for as the perfect location to experience paragliding. Many professionals and beginners enjoy the stunning views of the montains high up in the air. Surrounded by greenery you can overlook the beautuful Fewa Lake and see the whole Annapurna mountain range as the birds fly next to you in peaceful silence.

Feel compelte freedom and create an everlasting experience.


refresh you mind and soul by trekking through the sacred Himalayas

Indulge yourself in various treks through the hills, passing through villages, farm terraces and stretches of woods, where you will find stunning views of the peaks and valleys of the Himalayas. Enjoy the mystical atmosphere as the mist clears up and the birds´songs sound to a beautiful sunrise. The natural surroundings and the intac and original nature a spectacular and bring you back to yourself.

Dhampus Village, a two-day trek from Pokhara or a short 60 minute taxi ride, offers a unique cultural experience, with authentic Nepalese communities and commerce. From here a one-hour trek through the inspiring Dhampus Jungle, will bring hikers upon the unforgettable Australian Camp (2000 meters altitude). This amazing location offers stunning panoramic views of the Annapurna Mountain range, including the Fishtail peak. If that is not enough you can choose to do the whole 21 ays Anpurna circuit and trek through the auspicious mountains of the sacred Himalayas and feel the freedom and peace from the inside and the outside alike.


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