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My yoga journey in the Himalayas
Vedic Yoga team

In March 2020 I did my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. I really don’t know how it exactly came to me but it was the most perfect time when I think about it then and now. I already had been teaching Yoga for 6 years and I felt at some point I sounded like a broken record in my classes for example, and I needed to deepen my own practice somehow. In November last year, I had a really bad day, I felt super emotional and many thoughts came to my mind. The morning after I woke up before my alarm, that never happens, and super confident I said to myself: “I am going to Nepal for my 300-hour Yoga journey”. And that was it! I googled training not for so long, saw something that interested me and signed up immediately. I never could imagine how much it has already changed me in so many ways. It really did help me to become better. About a week before I came to Nepal there was a new moon. I read about what to expect on this new moon and how to prepare for it. I read a little article and felt super connected – it said everything about my Yoga journey. 

Starting my Yoga journey

The first days I felt so tired after all the traveling and also because I had worked a lot back home before I came. On the second day, I felt super cold, with a headache and the feeling was like I had flu. I realized that I hadn’t been drinking coffee that was always part of my morning routine back home, plus over the day. My body was reacting to it and cleaning. In the training, we were supposed to eat clean and healthy and no coffee or tea was an option. It was super hard, to begin with, all my addictions came super strong to me; coffee drinking, eating chocolate and even ex-boyfriends popped up in my mind. But after my first week, I felt so much better, my soul had arrived. It actually surprised me how much more energy I had – and not even drinking coffee. 

During Asana classes my practice became so much deeper and even just in one class.  I really did put my awareness and mindfully and it helped me to increase every Asana and even the Asanas that I never thought I would be able to do. I have chronic pain and problem in my right knee and almost 10 years ago it was the reason why I started doing Yoga. The doctors told me that I would not be able to play soccer ever again, run, hike mountains, etc. so I had to find something that would fit my knee problem and Yoga was definitely it. My family has practice sports their whole life. My dad, sister, brother and myself have all been into soccer. When my dad was young he ripped his ACL during a game and that was the end of his career as a player, so he started to couch. The same thing happened to me when I was only 15 years old, also to my brother – 2 times and then my sister. I wonder why it happened to all of us and maybe how our mind maybe knew that it was coming because it happened to our dad, to begin with, and he was always super focused that it wouldn’t happen to us like it did in the end. If I think about it, I am actually happy that it all happened. It has put me on a beautiful path which Yoga is and for that, I think everything happens for a reason. It has also given me so much understanding of my body. After 5 knee surgeries over the years, I never felt better than after this month in Nepal. Healing my energy system in my right knee is definitely helping and putting my mind into it. Of course, it is not fully recovered but I feel like I am in a good way with it. 

The days went by and I felt better and better. During meditation practice, I felt everything was cleaning out. One evening we listened to a powerful drum song and moved our shoulders very slowly forward. We stayed like that for a long time and I felt super focused. During the meditation, I felt suddenly angry and I didn’t know why. But at the same moment I realized it, it went away and I felt more ease. We also did meditation working with our Chakras and pineal gland. We were supposed to think about the colors of the chakras one by one. It was hard to see one color completely and I almost saw everything black, but the more I focused the colors came to me. The day after something new happened. I started to see the dust in the air and butterflies about 50 meters away. My senses were becoming stronger and it felt disturbing, to begin with, but then I really enjoyed it. 

The most wonderful and the most effective thing that happened to me during the training was one of the heart-opening classes. Our amazing teachers had prepared us for days. It was super intense shoulder opening with a strap, moving our straight arms forward and back with less and less distance with the strap that we were holding. I didn’t feel that much unless just a nice opening in my physical body. In the relaxation after we had our arms resting on the ground straight out from our shoulders. We were guided to breathe in through our right arm and breath out through our left arm…, breathe in through our left, breathe out through our right, etc. in our mind. During that my heart started to vibrate more and more. I saw in my mind Nadis surrendering my heart. Soon after a vision came to me. Two persons that have hurt me the most came to my mind. One by one I kissed them on the forehead and drifted them away with a Buddha smile on my face. At that moment I started to cry and I felt like my heart wanted to push out through my chest and I even felt my chest lifting up without me moving at all. Another vision came to me, I saw myself hugging me in the future and then the other me became about 5 years old and I kept hugging. I told a 5 year old that I was enough and I should not let anyone tell me that I am not and that I could do anything I want and be myself – always! I kept crying and crying and it was so beautiful. After the class, I felt light and with ease. I even felt super beautiful which was strange to me because I really cried my eyes out. 

I really wanted to express myself and observe this month that had already changed me so much on this Yoga journey. I can feel that it has also made me a better teacher and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others. Big thanks to my wonderful Gurus, Elli and Rahul, that have guided me to the most beautiful change so far to become the best version of myself through.

Grateful for a wonderful Yoga journey – Our dear student.


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