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Online Hatha Yoga Classes

As you all might have experienced, it is very difficult these days to participate in hatha yoga classes at local studios. Until things will have moved back to the new normal, we will therefore focus on live online Hatha Yoga classes. So everybody can go on with their learning and practicing yoga. There will be online 2 online hatha yoga classes every weekend:

Every Saturday 8:00 Am & 10 Am CET

Sunday – 8:00 Am & 10 Am CET

We will teach traditional hatha yoga in these classes. Every class is an inner body exploration. It will help you not only on a physical level but also guide you through the emotional body patterns. You will learn to be in the present moment by moving the body in awareness.

What is Hatha Yoga for?

Hatha yoga is a way to keep the pranic energy balance. It regulates the body’s energy so natural health can be maintained. Hatha Yoga is the yoga of sun and moon. Using the asana body poses, body and mind find the stillness.

There are many types of exercises in the traditions of health and wellbeing. Each system has a place in making the human body organism healthy. Aerobic exercises and yogic exercises are useful in their own way. The primary focus is on the body, strengthening muscles or improving the cardiovascular system. Excercise we will do these class are unique in which body and mind attend the present moment together.

When a person learns to do these exercises, it leads him to a calm state of mind. We will learn exercises to prevent the various body and mind disorders and make the nervous system healthy.

Hatha Yoga in today’s world

In today’s world, many think that “Yoga” is a synonym of Hatha Yoga. Because of that, they strive to reap only the physical gains out of it. There are Yoga learners who start practicing with limited knowledge and want to attain material gains only. However, once into practice, these people have come to realize the real purpose of the practice. Yoga leads them to unravel deep within themselves and they start to be more aware in daily life.

Benefits of Online Hatha Yoga classes

Hatha Yoga helps to clear the physical and emotional knots in our bodies. It can help with body movement as you do the regular and sustained practice of asanas. One feels the change in the lightness of the body and new energy in everyday life. You become calmer and have a sense of body-mind health.

Through the work on body movements and strength, we learn more about Hatha Yoga (body exercises). We also work on letting the life energy flow. It has the effect of energizing, relaxing and healing,

Who can join the Hatha Yoga classes?

Everybody is welcome – long-time practitioners as well as total beginners to yoga. The classes are designed to help everybody in these challenging times. Beginners can find gentle yoga practice and advanced practitioners can work on refining their practice.

What do you need to join in?

We will pay attention to our body and its movement. Allow the flow of our breath more gentle and move deeper into the realms of the mind. So please make sure that you can have this time for yourself and don´t get disturbed.

  • Firm grounding, a support you can sit on
  • Yoga mat
  • One and half hours of free time.
  • Shawl or a blanket to cover yourself
  • A quiet room, no cell phones or other disturbances
  • A computer
  • Empty stomach

Online Yoga course for challenging time

There is no cost or fee for these classes. These classes are donation-based, so you can give what you like and everybody can join in. There is no cost for self-healing.

How to join online Hatha Yoga classes?

If you would like to be added to the group classes, please let us know your email address or Skype name. You will get a call when the class starts and you can answer it or skip the class. Please send us an email here:


Yoga brings joy when friends and family join in

Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends and family. Looking forward to seeing former students as well as new faces in class.

Rahul Ji will guide these classes. He has a traditional Yoga experience.


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