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Online Meditation Teacher Training Course
Vedic Yoga team

An invitation for Online Meditation Teacher Training Course 2022 Level – 1, a lifelong journey of endless self-learning. The greatest art of meditation is through effortless living.

The art of Meditation and effortless living

Meditative practice is known in all spiritual traditions. From east to west the essence of a spiritual practice remains the same as they follow the laws of nature and how we are built as human beings. Through introspection, humans of ancient times found out about all bodily functions and what role we play in the cosmic dance. Insights and revelations granted them deep wisdom which was passed down through their lives. Life was the message: We can see through all knowledge from within, learn about the deepest layers of ourselves and grow beyond all the human’s conflict!

All matter is directed by the mind, so spiritual practice affects physiological processes as well as changes the structure of your brain cells.

The workings inside the body and mind that occur during meditation practice are well known and described from spiritual perspectives as from modern understanding.

In the training, we will combine the best of two worlds and explain. Spiritual events from a scientific perspective. We will lead you to step by step deeper into yourself and incorporate different techniques into the practice.

Traditional Vedic Approach

Thousands of years ago people unraveled the mystery of creation. In deep meditation, they found out about the structure of the universe and every living being. These insights were put into sacred scriptures and principles of living developed from it. Science of health, astrology, math, chemistry, psychology and many more sciences derived from that wholistic all-encompassing knowledge. Uncountable individuals have walked the path of fire and light since then, the path towards yourselves and inner wisdom. Through moments of awareness, we learned to cherish and appreciate the life and power that lies behind spiritual techniques and always teach from that respectful understanding.

Learnings of Meditation Online Teacher Training Course

In modern times the physical and mental benefits from meditative practice are well known and emphasized. They are various and reach from improved life quality to complete healing of mental, emotional or physical trauma. That we change through meditation is logic as with ongoing practice, the brain functions improve. Memory and focus improve and the hemispheres of the brain are more harmonized. That affects the whole hormone system and our biochemistry gets balanced. We increase resilience towards external and internal stressors, like infections or dark thoughts. Overall, you will be capable of living with more awareness, more intensity. Self-observation and access to free will increase over time and the journey towards your true self deepens every moment you chose to look inside.

Online Meditation Teacher Training Course

We designed a Meditation program that will accompany you through the year and lead you deeper into the science of Yogic meditation. It will incorporate

  • Guided meditations
  • Lectures
  • Meditation Q&A sessions
  • Yogic ways that will help to relax and being in meditative states
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Group meditation on auspicious days (Full moon, new moon…)

Meditation Training Structure

  • Level one: 6 months, 50 hours
  • Weekly guided meditation
  • Introduction of different meditation techniques
  • Meditation and science lectures
  • Health lectures
  • Extra meditation meetings monthly
  • Feedback to the practice
  • Personal guidance
  • Sharing experiences
  • Online meetings on skype
  • Access from home, you meditate in your familiar environment


After attending the first level of the online Meditation teacher training you will receive a 50 hours certificate from our school. You can choose to go for level 2 as well.

Who can join the Online Meditation teacher training course

This training is for everybody who

  • is willing to go inside.
  • feels that there is more to life than what we can see and wants to explore
  • wants to become self-reliant, live in harmony
  • let go of old programs, beliefs
  • being effortless in life
  • is searching for healing from within
  • wants to be a meditation guide for themselves
  • wants to join guided meditation but has no plan to teach
  • wants to improve their personal practice

You don’t have to have prior knowledge, we all have a mind and that ́s all we need. There are no hindrances, even when you ́re ill you can join.
Age is irrelevant to the training, we can always start the inner journey.

Dates and Time

The training starts on Saturday, 2nd April 2022 Level one ends on the 30th of September.

We meet every Saturday and have our weekly sessions
12 am CET
to make sure that everyone around the world can join Every session takes about 2 hours


You can register for the training via EMAIL: info@vedicyogaacademy
Or send us a message via signal or WhatsApp +91 7895085788, +977 9825143880

You will receive the invoice after your registration.


According to the current economically tense situation for many, we decided to set make it available so there is no hindrance in joining this training.

If you face any financial challenges to join this course please reach out to us, we have always found a solution to make learning possible for everybody.
You can make donations in total or month to month by installments.

50 hours, 25 classes
490 Euros
6 -12 extra classes of guided meditation on Full Moon and New moon days are also part of the course.

Meditation Teachers

Elli Jii and Rahul Ji will be teaching this Online Meditation Teacher Training Course. You can have a look at their profile here.


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