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Online Pranayama training-Level -1, 2022
Vedic Yoga team

It’s time to start traditional Online Pranayama training, level one. We designed the training for establishing a sound and healthy everyday Pranayama practice. Due to the demanding circumstances, we offer an online course to help people. You can find the latest information here Yogascienceonline.

Traditional Online Pranayama course

In 12 hours and 6 sessions of traditional online Pranayama practice, you´ll learn about the science of breath in theory and practice. We will introduce different breathing techniques to

  • improve mental and physical resilience
  • reduce stress in the body and mind
  • establish a sound and healthy breathing pattern
  • modulate the immune respones
  • harmonize the functions of the hemispheres of the brain
  • balance the autonomous nervous system
  • clean the energy channels, our Nadis
  • calm our mind
  • prepare for meditation
  • shift the energy through the body
  • clean environmental toxins from the body tissues
  • enhance the immune functions

Each session consists of theory and practice. At the beginning of the class, there is room for questions and answers.

One class will take about 120 minutes. The practice will increase over the time of the whole course as we introduce more techniques each time.

During the week you will have time to practice the introduced techniques and observe the changes. The homework will be discussed every weekend.

Who can join

This will be a traditional practice for everybody who wants to deepen or start their Pranayama practice. No previous knowledge is needed. It´s an experience-based practice to understand and integrate the teachings into daily practice.

It is basic training and for everybody who wants to improve their immune function and overall health.

For people who want to go deeper into the yogic science of breathing, there will be advanced courses after this level one training.

The strength of Breath

Our bodily functions, like our breath, are modulated by our subconscious mind. The autonomous nervous system regulates these processes. Alterations and disturbances in the ANS and the breath are expressions of hidden movements and disturbances in our minds. Over our lifetime we cultivate stressful thoughts and forget how to breathe naturally. We exhibit a harmful breathing pattern that gives our minds the external feedback of danger. Our physiology, our body-chemistry has to adjust to that and over time all sorts of stress-related diseases and symptoms arise. Like this, we remain in a vigilant state, mind and body alike, which block higher cognitive functions. As the breath is the body-mind bridge, all thoughts manifest in the breath and all breathing affects the state of mind.

With certain breathing, we can calm our minds and bring them to a state of calm awareness. We use our breath to ease the waves in our minds and become relaxed and focused. A sound breathing influences the physiology of our body, our immune functions, our thinking patterns, our resilience, our hormone status and biorhythms. Like this, we can think clearly and increase the healing and rejuvenating programs of our bodies.

What you will learn in Online Pranayama Training?

  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Makarasana
  • Nadi Shodanam
  • Anuloma Viloma
  • Breath Meditation
  • Cleansing techniques
  • Mudras
  • Bandhas
  • Counterindications
  • Therapeutic effects of the techniques
  • The autonomous Nervous System
  • The main Nadis
  • The main Chakras
  • Physiological effects of breathing exercises
  • Neurological effects
  • Personal guidance and feedback
  • Handouts for the lectures
  • Audio files for personal practice

Pranayama Teacher

Our Pranayama teacher, Elli Ji, will guide this course. With an MSc in Human Biology and education in TCM, Hypnosis and specialized yogic practice, she will explain all neuronal and physiological effects of the techniques in detail. The scientific understanding is combined with spiritual experience and insight from years of dedicated practice and teaching in Nepal, India and Europe.

What do you need to join the course?

We will focus on ourselves, the flow of our breath and move deeper into the realms of the breath and the functions of the mind. So please make sure that you can have this time for yourself and don´t get disturbed.

We will practice lying down as well as sitting up position. Please get support to sit on, so you can sit up straight in your personal pose. Read here how to arrange your perfect sitting position:

  • Firm grounding, a support you can sit on
  • Yoga mat
  • A sandbag or a heavy book as a weight
  • Shawl or a blanket to cover yourself
  • A quiet room, no cell phones or other disturbances
  • Pad of paper to take notes
  • Empty stomach

Upcoming Dates

We will host 12 hours of Pranayama training in 6 sessions and introduce different breathing techniques. You will be guided through the whole session and can send questions at the end of each class.

  12 hours, 6 sessions
                                  Fee (9,9 €/hour) 119 €
                                  Dates 12., 13., 19., 20., 26., 27. of June
                                  Time (CET) 9:00 am -11:00 am

Apply for the training

You can contact us here – Email address:,

Happy to see you in October for divine breathwork.

Hari Om,

Elli and Rahul Ji


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