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Yoga Training Details

Daily Schedule

24 days of Yoga training
Hilltop location
Daily meditation classes
Local excursions
Personal guidance
Teaching experience
3 vegetarian meals per day
Daily Schedule
Hath Yoga Asana
07:45 – 8:45 am
(Breathing practices)
09:00 – 10:00 am
10:30 – 11:30 am
11:45 – 01:00 pm
Yoga Anatomy
and Methodology
01:00 – 02:00 pm
04:15 – 05:45 pm
Vinyasa Yoga
06:00 – 07:00 pm
Mantra Chanting,
Yoga Nidra
07:00 – 08:00 pm

Berry Crost

Yoga Teacher Training

Vedic Yoga Academy brings all that they promise and more. Learning under the course founder and teacher, Rahul, has equipped me with knowledge and skills that now I embody throughout my daily life and living. Rahul is incredibly thought provoking in his discussions on philosophy, anatomy and mantra to the point where I am forced to reflect on my personal life and realise where that aligns within the greater universe. There were definitely times when I was challenged and even conflicted with my world and self views but at the end of the course I have nothing but deep, deep gratitude for what Rahul has taught me. If you want a teacher that has lived experiences to share as well as individual support for his students then I recommend Vedic Yoga Academy to help illuminate you in your life journey.

Renuka Rana

Yoga Teacher Training

one of the best place to learn traditional yoga!

Zuzuna Belakova

Yoga Teacher Training

I wasn’t new to yoga before going on YTT in Nepal, but my goal was not to become a yoga teacher…

I have to admit, I went to Nepal with a lot of attitude, reservations, fear and doubt… but I’ll never forget the day I met Rahul….quiet, calm, with a gentle smile on his face, looking right through me…..oh dear, what is he thinking, I kept asking myself ☺ I have to say, I haven’t met many people like him in my life ( despite having travelled a fair bit ). Peaceful, calm energy shining around him, despite the young age, he speaks a wisdom of a wise, old man.

There are many positives I can start naming about the course, in fact, everything about it was great, from the organizational point of view to the quality and knowledge of other teachers as well.

But what I appreciate the most, is that, I really started to see, that they really wanted us to look at yoga practice as to what it is for them, a devotional, transformative practice, not just to focus on the physical aspect and leave the room with nothing more than a sweaty back. That the physical is meant to be the doorway to something more…

And the reason I’ve stayed practicing after the course, was thanks to that spiritual emphasis of the practice. It’s not so easy to explain – because it’s not like Rahul said to me, ok, now go and do this or that, now believe in this, be vegetarian, be a better person, etc. No…..It’s just…he IS that person. And when I was around him, I changed. Not in a way, ok, I’m gonna be a yogi now and do these things to check them off the list…I never imagined to be a yoga teacher. I have gone through two Master degrees in Economics and International business and was on a completely different path…But I started practicing more and through the physical, I started to change. Be more patient, learnt to slow down and prioritise, doing things that make me happy rather than fulfilling someone else’s dreams…I’m learning to let go of “things” that I no longer need, be grateful for everyday things, for being here…

It’s Rahul’s dedication and consistency that he’s devoting to teaching and to his practice, that’s given me the inspiration throughout the practice, being in his presence, just listening to his stories during philosophy classes, I was inspired to be a better person, I was inspired to make changes, I was inspired to continue what I gained here and pass it on.

Thank you my beloved teacher and dear friend Rahul, hope to meet again

Isabel Maria

Yoga Teacher Training

Namasté, everyone!

I came to India/Rishikesh the first time in March this year and did a 200h Yoga Teacher Training, where I met Rahul. This time and especially he as a dedicated teacher and beautiful soul literally transformed my internal world. It was an amazing experience that I’m honestly grateful for – from the deepest bottom of my heart.
I haven’t been to Nepal before, but will definitely go there as I can simply imagine, how transformational this place must be!
Rahul, thank you so much for giving me the space and possibility to this experience within myself.
I definitely want to recommend this Yoga School to everyone who feels ready <3
Lots of love,
yours Isabel!

Anna Ilea

Yoga Teacher Training

Thank you from all heart ! I had a beautiful life changing experience for that one month yoga teaching training course in Pokhara , like many of my classmates did I believe so .

Its rare and beautiful when in your life path you meet real teachers and this is what happened. Teachers that gives you light when and where you can not see , that put all their soul to becomes a pure channels of knowledge so you can receive it in the best way you are capable of , that becomes your family that support you in life for real , becomes your friend and brothers and sisters which awaken the teacher inside you and awaken you for more life .
Thank you Rahul , Avinash , Ellie, Sandeep !


Yoga Teacher Training

all welcome! I really want to write about the teacher of philosophy and meditation Rahula. for me, this man discovered not only the world of yoga, but also my world, which I gradually lost in bitterness. Rahul is very intelligent, educated, open. This teacher wants and can teach anyone who wants a student. Rahul burns at his lectures as fire, and his disciples as sparks fly around the world to ignite their fire knowledge of yoga. Rahul, the best teacher in the world.

Emma Wan Tran

Yoga Teacher Training

I met Rahul when doing my teacher training, before he started Vedic Yoga Academy. He is a beautiful soul and truly teaches from his heart. Although I haven’t had a chance to visit this school yet, I’m more than confident that you will have an excellent experience here as you as will be in greats hands in terms of knowledge and being in a safe place where you can explore parts within yourself with the guidance of knowledgeable and caring teachers. I’m looking forward to coming here soon! Namaste

Sabine Stöhr

Yoga Teacher Training

I was already able to enjoy the lessons and I am impressed by the deep and extensive knowledge of Rahul. Whether philosophy, anatomy, meditaion or Ayurveda medicine ….. every hour was very educational and filled with very good information. Based on practical examples, we have learned a lot, discussed and laughed. I thank you for knowing what I got with me on my way. Namaste

Mellisa Nichol

Yoga Teacher Training

It’s rare to come across a teacher who shares strait from their heart, from a place of pure love and acceptance. Rahul is this teacher. His wisdom, as a result of devotion to his own practice, is refreshing, enlightening and inspiring. A true teacher of teachers! I very much look forward to returning to learn and study with all the teachers at Vedic Yoga Academy

Maria Arnaoutaki

Yoga Teacher Training

Being with these wonderful teachers for one month was the greatest gift I could have ever wished for. I went in with an open heart and no expectations and my journey there was just beyond words. I am forever grateful to have met such beautiful people whom I will keep in my heart and to have learnt so much authentic information about yoga. Each and every class was truly special, interesting and diverse. Every day I woke up and learnt something new about the practice, the philosophy but also about myself. I just got back from my training in Nepal but already I am planning my next visit! I miss my teachers and I miss my friends already. What a heart warming experience!

Katie Laramore

Yoga Teacher Training

Learning about the traditional philosophy of yoga and meditation with these teachers was an amazing experience. I learned so much about self-awareness and tuning into the inner-self. It was so much more than asana. I also met some amazing friends along the way, it’s an experience than will bond people for a lifetime.

Joelle Cloutier

Yoga Teacher Training

The course I did here changed my life. I didn’t have any expectations. I just decided that I wanted to follow the 200 hours and see where it would lead me afterwards. I didn’t realize how fulfilling, powerful, soothing and useful it would be. After this month, I can say that I feel more confident and happier than I haven’t been in a long time. Rahul and Elli are wonderful teachers. They share their knowledge and their comprehension of life with such generosity. They answered questions I didn’t even know I had. They really make you feel that you can talk truly to them. They are devoted to the yogic way of life and they teach it with passion. I really feel that I’ve learned a lot and I am eager to continue learning. I feel more equipped to work on my practice now that I’m back home and I feel that I can share it with people as well. If you consider this school, don’t hesitate a minute, I highly recommend, since I would do it again anytime. Oh, and the food was amazing and the Nepalese working at the hotel were the sweetest. Namaste!

Chahna tea Flower Tailor

Yoga Teacher Training

Rahulji is an amazing teacher and has answered many questions on my spiritual path. I am thankful to have had him as my Guruji!

Catherine van Royne

Yoga Teacher Training

In 2015 already, I had the opportunity receive teaching from Rahul and I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and ability to tune into and guide people. Rahul has great wisdom and depth. I know him as a very sincere and pure person. I can wholeheartedly recommend his teachings. Namaste, Catherine (The Netherlands)

Na Nu Nini

Yoga Teacher Training

It was an incredible journey and I was surprised how great yoga science is. I miss everything … the common mood in the day with Hatha and Pranayama, the interesting Philosophyclasses, Vinyasa and the meditations in the evening. Sometimes i wanted to give up… because it was also a challenge with myself… Anytime I would come again … Ommmm 🙂 i miss our sound <3

Loni Dinwiddie

Yoga Teacher Training

Learning from Rahul helped me in ways unimaginable. I look forward to taking more classes from him in the future.

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