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Vedic Yoga team

Welcome to the traditional Yoga Nidra online course. We ́re happy to offer you an insight into the vast traditional science of the “yogic sleep”.

There will be a free class on the 30. of May at 11:30 CET

To join the free class please send your Skype name to this Email address:

Course and training

The traditional Yoga Nidra training will be held in different stages. After this first course you can go on with your personal practice or apply for advanced training. Later you will learn how to teach Yoga Nidra to others. The training encompasses theoretical background and live practice of various techniques. Over the time of the training we go deeper into the scientific background and the practices intensify bit by bit.

What we teach

  • Pranayama practice for diaphragmatic breathing
  • The faculties of the mind
  • Sleep and dream states
  • Brainwaves and awareness
  • Neurological and physiological effects of Yoga Nidra
  • Health benefits of Yoga Nidra
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga Nidra techniques
  • Questions and answers
  • How to guide Yoga Nidra
  • Preparation for Yoga Nidra

The power of Yoga Nidra

When we face challenges in life, we need to rely on our stability and peace within. Yogic practice develops those virtues and becomes every day application. As our inner states are reflected in the external happenings, we are responsible and able to create a state of calmness and focus within. A relaxed mind can face any situation with ease. A happy mind can create a beautiful reality! Let´s allow our body and mind to recover fully and find deep and healing relaxation. With the practice of Yoga Nidra we can heal our body and mind from unconscious and harming programs and find the strength within to heal and expand our awareness.

Traditional Yoga Nidra Training

In the first step of the training we will host 12 hours of Yoga Nidra in 6 sessions and introduce different relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra practices. You will be guided through the whole sessions and learn step by step to dive deeper into yourself.

The practice is scheduled so that it intensifies over the whole training. Each class will take about 120 minutes and include Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercise), guided Relaxation and Yoga Nidra practice. With preparation you will be carefully guided towards deeper practices each time.

At the end of each class you have the chance to ask your personal questions and share your experiences with the others.


Our Pranayama and Yoga Nidra teacher, Elli Ji, will guide this course and the whole Yoga Nidra teacher training. With a MSc in Human Biology and education in TCM, Hypnosis and specialized yogic practice she will explain all neuronal and physiological effects of the techniques in detail. The scientific understanding is combined with spiritual experience and insight from years of dedicated practice and teaching in Nepal, India and Europe.

What you need

  • Firm grounding, please lie down on the floor
  • Yoga mat
  • Shawl or a blanket to cover yourself
  • Light dark tissue, maybe a dark t-shirt to cover your eyes
  • Folded towel to rest your head on
  • A quiet room, no cell phones or other disturbances

Who can join

Traditional Yoga Nidra is for everybody who wants to deepen the practice and explore the vast realm of the yogic sleep. No previous knowledge is needed. It´s an experience-based practice to enjoy and expand. In advanced courses you can learn about the background and how to teach the science of the Yogic sleep to others.


We will host 6 full sessions of Yoga Nidra and introduce different relaxation and Yoga Nidra practices. You will be guided through the whole session and can send questions at the end of each class.

  3 Classes, 6 Hours 6 Classes, 12 Hours
Fee 54, – € 98, – €
Dates 13., 14., 20. June 13., 14., 20., 21., 27., 28. June
Time 11.00 – 13:00 CET 11.00 – 13:00 CET

In this first step of the training you can join for all 6 or the first 3 classes, as you wish. Of course, you can decide later also and book 3 classes extra. After the first course you are free to go on with the training.

Please contact us on this Email address:

Yoga Nidra Q & A

Q: Is Yoga Nidra a preparation for meditation or is it a meditation in itself?

A: Meditation is the endpoint of every practice. Yoga Nidra is a preparatory practice for that to happen but you can enter meditative states through yoga Nidra also. It´s a matter of definition. The first stages of meditation are reached here as well and of course, enlightenment can strike any time. So you can say it is a meditative practice but traditionally the definition is tight and thus a preparation for it.

Q: I experienced vividly an old hurt, a feeling of inadequacy, from a workplace experience. I feel it was coming up to be released. My sense of time passing was altered. I wasn’t asleep but I feel time passed quickly like it does when you’re asleep.

A: Yes, when we enter the quantum field, the place inside us, we lose awareness of the linear movement of time. it can extend it can compress, that´s wonderful!! you reach the point of possibilities where you can be the creator.

Q: When releasing letting go old memories or physical tensions I feel it is better to change the Breathing visualization from head to toe and vice versa, to direct the breath/ light/energy to the physical area effected, or in question and flush out from here. Or is it best to continue with the breathing visualization that you use?

A: there are many different ways to do it. Like we´re doing it all-region get affected, we clean the whole Nadi system and thus also the specific points. please go on with the guidance. you can use prana flow for working with specific places. the energy will go on its own to the needed regions, our mind should not involve too much now, but rest and let the energy do the work.

Q: I feel like my head becomes super heavy on the ground as if there was a lot of tension in my skull which gives me a headache. I’ve had this the last time as well, is there anything I can do?

A: Yes, it can happen that the skull gets very heavy. It´s really the mind as the head has the same weight, it will subside after some time, like other sensual impressions.
You can check the cushioning below your head. Put a folded towel or a small blanket below so that it cannot be the groud. It can also be pressure from the spine traveling into the head and pressing. Good to do some asanas before class and mobilize the spine.


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