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Anti-aging Pranayama Surya Bhedana
Vedic Yoga team

Here we are going to describe Anti-aging Pranayama Surya Bhedana. It is also called the right nostril breath.

In Sanskrit

(soor-yah beh-DAH-na)
Surya = sun
Bhedana = piercing

It means sun-piercing breath.

The right way to do Surya Bhedana Pranayama

Please sit in a comfortable pose and use your right hand to close your left nostril. In this method of breathing exercise, we start by inhaling through the right nostril only. Inhale to full lung capacity through the right nostril. Then slowly exhale with the left nostril. Repeat again inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left nostril.

You can start with 10 pranayamas a say. Then you can increases by 5 every week.

Students should do it by sitting in Siddhasana or in the Sukhasana pose. It is very important to keep the spine straight for Pranayama practice.


Avoid if you are having high blood pressure.

It is also not good for the people who has heart disease.

Amazing benefits of Pranayama

Anti-aging Pranayama Surya Bhedana increases the heat of the human body. By doing Surya Bhedana, we can help the body in healing many diseases which happen lack of oxygen. It can help in the liver and cardiac diseases. it can also cleanse the frontal sinuses.

Right nostril breath increases the Pitta. It slows down the aging process and prevents premature death. Right nostril breath also helps developing mental abilities.


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