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The yogic way – philosophy of life
Vedic Yoga team

Welcome to the Online Yoga Philosophy course with Rahul Ji, big support in these demanding times full of changes and a knowledgeable guide to your inner self.

This course will be donation-based, so please feel free to give what you want. Let us know, we can share the payment details with you.


The Online Yoga Philosophy lectures are for everyone, no previous knowledge is needed. If you

  • need some spiritual guidance
  • are interested in Vedic Philosophy
  • are interested in Yoga, Meditation, or other spiritual practices
  • have questions arising during your personal practice
  • face strong challenges in life
  • are looking for a community of spiritual people

you are right to join the lectures and find out about the wisdom of Millenia, true insights into human nature.


Please send an email with your Skype name and that you want to join the lectures. You will be added to the skype group „Yoga philosophy“ and receive the group call at the next lecture.

Email to:


Rahul Ji will guide you through these lectures. His understanding of the nature of mind and soul is pure and stems from his own inner journey and his dedication towards the path of light. He speaks from true experience and his wisdom is the fruit of inner work and insights. He has been teaching for many years and met people with different backgrounds. He always relates to your inner core and can bring very complex topics to be understood easily. His practical explanations and suggestions are true helpers in your personal journey and in everyday life.


The Online Yoga Philosophy course will be held every weekend at 10:00 am Middle European Time. The course is starting right away, the class will Take place every Saturday and Sunday.

Time may differ from time to time. That will be announced in the lectures directly.

Hope to see you all for real-life Philosophy.

Blessing from the sacred Himalayas.

Rahul Ji

Be happy life and let the life flow.


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