Yoga Nidra Teacher training

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course

In recent times, the Yoga Nidra teacher training course has gained immense popularity. Today people are always connected, accessible and that deeply stressed. The mind gets dispersed and we scatter our energy over different topics. Because of that our nervous system is constantly under pressure as our minds are filled with many thoughts at any given time. Yoga Nidra is an effective and efficient way to activate the parasympathetic part of our autonomous nervous system. As a result, deep recuperation and healing happen. Check out our online yoga nidra course.

What is Yoga Nidra sleep?

Yoga Nidra is referred to as the “Yogic sleep”. This is a state of being between sleep and awake in full consciousness. In contrast to our normal sleep or awake states, this is immensely favorable to deep emotional and physical healing. A brain mapping study found that Yoga Nidra practitioners’ brains show that they are in a deep resting state, which is seen in deep sleep while being completely conscious. In those states self-healing processes are initiated, trauma and emotional as well as physical stress can subside.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra training courses

Yoga Nidra benefits are immense. At Vedic Yoga Academy, you will learn Yoga Nidra as a spiritual practice to help release old burdens and find your own strength and your true potential. As you spend more time inside your mind you will learn to align your conscious mind with your powerful subconsciousness. Therapeutic applications of Yoga Nidra are used by doctors and healers in our modern world. With the increasing cases of Insomnia, sleep deprivation and emotional suppression, Yoga Nidra has become the most important practice. Yoga Nidra said to work with:

  • Cure insomnia
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Stress management
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Awareness and concentration development
  • Working with negative habits and thoughts patterns
  • Strengthen observation

With the help of Yoga Nidra training, you will be able to rest, restore, de-stress, increase awareness and reach higher states of consciousness. Likewise, you will learn how to guide and teach the same in your own Yoga workshops and classes.

A girl lying on the Yoga mat during the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

50 Hours Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Cetification

for the students who want to learn and benefits from Yoga Nidra practice.

100 Hours Yoga Nidra Teacher Training immersion

for those who want to understand the basics and teach it to others.

The relaxes feet on mat in Yoga Nidra course
A woman sleeping in belly on Yoga mat in Yoga Nidra Training

200 Hours Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

for those who want to go deep into the higher levels of consciousness and explore it in great length as Sadhana.

What will you learn in Yoga Nidra teachers course?

  • Practice Yoga Nidra in proper way
  • Fundamental principles and science behind the Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Nidra traditions and technique
  • Benefits of Yoga Nidra practice
  • Yoga Nidra & brain waves
  • How to teach Yoga Nidra to others
  • Write Yoga Nidra script
  • Use right voice and tone
  • Prepare safe environment for Yoga Nidra practice

Yoga Nidra training techniques

  • Makarasana
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Shavasana, correct position
  • Exercise without Movement
  • Tension relaxation
  • Simple relaxation
  • Subtler relaxations: internal organs
  • 31 points
  • 61 points
  • 61 points with blue star
  • 61 points with blue star with mantra
  • Whole body breaths: exercises is of the Pranamaya Kosha.
  • 4 different patterns of whole body breaths
  • Short version of quick conscious rest
  • OM Kriya
  • Yoga-Nidra 
  • Advanced Yoga Nidra
  • Explanations of Delta brain waves
  • How to come out of Yoga Nidra

Who can join the Yoga Nidra certification course?

Someone who wants to practice teaches and become a Yoga Nidra instructor. In case you want to learn how to guide Yoga Nidra classes and workshops, this course is for you. We teach rare ancient Yoga Nidra techniques from Himalayan tradition. Yoga therapist and doctors can help their students with sleep and healing process. Yoga Nidra has proven to cure sleeping problems.

Online Yoga Nidra teacher training or intensive retreat?

It is a practice, which one should learn in the presence of an experienced teacher. We offer online yoga Nidra teacher training. Maintaining silence within and having an open and safe environment to practice Yoga Nidra, is required. Immersive Yoga Nidra training retreat on location can provide all the necessary tools for practice and guidance and one can feel safe at home as well.


It shall fully equip the trainees to start teaching yoga immediately with effective competence and confidence


200 Hours Yoga Nidra

We slowly guide the students towards meditation and spiritual growth.


100 Hours YOga Nidra

We slowly guide the students towards meditation and spiritual growth.


50 Hours Yoga Course

In-depth programme that encompasses vast aspects of yogic knowledge, theoretically and practically

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