Meditation Teacher Training

At immersive Meditation teacher training you will take a journey toward self-awareness and go in depth of meditation, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama. On this journey the next level is exploring deep layers of consciousness through the practical experience. A quiet peaceful space inside us is required more than ever in modern world. When we learn to work with the emotional pattern, then we can develop control over the mind. We all know the power of thoughts. Thoughts can change the course of one’s life. Meditation is the way to keep our mind centred and positive.

At Vedic Yoga Academy, you will learn the art and science of Meditation from the basics. Meditation (dhyana) is a specific teaching of Vedic tradition, root of all the spiritual traditions. We will teach you how to free your mind from all worldly distractions and allow it to focus.

Benefits of Meditation teacher training

Learning to meditate is like learning any other skill. It takes consistent practice to master it. In all the ancient Vedic scriptures, meditation & spirituality have been given very high importance. Now modern science is also claiming which the Yogic wisdom stated centuries ago – that there are many benefits which are associated with meditation. A steady practice helps in boosting the immune function, enhancing the creative flow, improving sleep and cognitive functions.

“Meditation Gives you what nothing else can give you: it introduces you to yourself.”  – Swami Rama

Our Meditation Teachers certification courses have three levels:

Immersive 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Retreat

This Meditation course is designed for those who want to understand the basics and refine the personal practice. You will learn meditation practices from various traditions like Vedic meditation practices, Vedanta, Tantra and buddhism.

Intensive 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Our next level meditation training will cover the fundamentals along with advance Vedic traditional meditation practices. Whole Meditation course is unique and for those who wants to become meditation teacher. If you are looking for deepening the personal practice and experience the self transformation, this course is for you.

Advanced 300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

A unique a month long intensive meditation course for those who want to go deep into meditation and live a life of a meditator. The focus of this meditation training retreat is Dhyana Sadhana. You will learn and practice advance meditation techniques for complete inner peace. 

Meditation course reviews

“I would recommend this immersive Meditation training retreat to anybody who is truly dedicated to learning about Meditation as a life long practice. The teachers are truly amazing, knowledgeable, understanding and caring. I felt in safe hands and free to be myself.
The course content is detailed and teachers are always open to questions and discussions.
I feel well prepared to share what I’ve learnt with the world, and I will be joining again next year for further training.”

– Elisha from UK


* History and Philosophy of Meditation

* The Science of Meditation poses

* The Science of Breath

* Prana, Chakras

* The Art of Meditation

* Science of  Breath

* Meditation techniques -

-  Vedic Meditation

-  Tantra Meditation

-  Buddhist Meditation

-  Vedanta Meditation

-  Mantra Meditation

-  Nada Yoga Meditation

* Sound Healing
* Silence
* Yoga Nidra


100 Hour Mediation Teacher Training

for those who want to understand the basics


200 Hour Mediation Teacher Training

for those who are looking for more than the basics


300 Hour Mediation Teacher Training

 for those who want to go deep into meditation

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